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Making Helpful User Reviews More Helpful

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Rizilliant Feb 23 @ 3:26pm 
Should probably remove the "Funny" button, as all its done is replace the "not good" button.. Its now assumed the helpful is good, and funny, is bad....

But yes, like Facebook, like twitter, like other sources, i understand this is more likely a way to skew results, and make certain items look more favorably, thus raking in more revenue for the business... You guys cant stop a flood of garbage games from making it near impossible to search through the store, or weekly deals, but like/dislike is a priority?! gee... Thanks!
EpicPies Feb 21 @ 2:22pm 
TristanBomb the changes were actually made to help Steam get more money. None of these changes are truly positive.
Skysan Feb 21 @ 2:48am 
2.2 will be awesome :CLOTHHAT:
TristanBomb Feb 20 @ 9:39pm 
Interesting. These all seem like generally positive changes - however, I'd definitely like to see more detail in ratings. I don't think a full numeric rating system is necessary (because there's usually no point in rating a game a 4 or 7; you're just giving your review less influence than if it were a 1 or 10, and thus easily gamed), but I would like the ability to create a neutral review. In terms of recommendation, this would be a sort of "conditionally recommended" - you wouldn't recommend the game overall, but maybe if it were on sale or for those who enjoyed a similar game.

In addition to marking your viewpoint as pertaining to a particular region or language, you could also have options for control scheme. For instance, I recently played a game that was by all accounts excellent, but the port from console to PC was clunky, and the keyboard controls were awkward. If you wanted to go further
[ESP]☠Darkheart☠ Feb 20 @ 4:38pm 
eatmywords Feb 20 @ 8:08am 
this is all well and good, hiding the truth so games can look better than they actually are; ie, why have you removed the negative score of individual reviews?

maybe Steam could now start some quality control, so we can get rid of the 80% of dross that's clogging the platform, and being manipulated on an incredible scale.

just because a kid can throw some assets on a game's engine doesn't necessarily mean it's a saleable commodity, or should it be allowed to be overhyped, overmarked, and generally broken.
MaDeuce Feb 18 @ 10:43am 
It's not a review, it's a recommendation with the only option of yes, and no.
Fix your shit if you want to push reviews.
Leeu Feb 16 @ 4:38am 
WingedWolf Feb 13 @ 8:08am 
I thought you were ALREADY doing this. Wow... just... WOW you are stupid.
YAKER Feb 9 @ 4:39pm