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Steam Direct Fee & Upcoming Store Updates

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Fi 11 hours ago 
Wow, that fee. I've seen some wonderful indie games during Steam Greenlight's days, but now I'm worried most indie developers will stop making games to publish on Steam all together due to the amount of money they will need to pay.
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ Jun 25 @ 7:25pm 
Steam Direct is not fair with the $100 entry price, rarely an Indie dev will make $1000 benefits ... You're crazy Valve.

In fact, why I'm waste my time on writing this.. Since you even never not read all comments from that discussion you posted ...
Gwinda Jun 25 @ 3:20am 
If I want to release a completely free tool without in-"game" purchases. The 100$ is a fee that I never will get back. What are your thoughts on this kind of situations?
Duck 007 Jun 12 @ 11:43pm 
dank mim Jun 12 @ 4:59pm 
Klizze Jun 12 @ 11:40am 
3. По поводу того что Steam идет стопами площадок мобильных приложений. Да это так, и это вполне логично. Ещё 2016-том году мобильный рынок опередил рынок ПэКа 5млрд$
Klizze Jun 12 @ 11:40am 
После прочтения этого должен помнить:
1. Габен получает прибыль продажи стиме, поэтому будет полностью душить индюшатников.
2. 100$ взнос за размещение каждого "продукта" самом деле остановит достаточное количество мамкиных геймдевелоперов, ну или хотя-бы замедлит их. Раньше ведь как было? Закинул 100$, сделал например Zup! шедевральный высер Привет Санёк , влепил over100500 аччивок дальше просто меняешь циферку спрайтики и давай Грин. Сейчас так, надеюсь, не пройдет.
✽ Unbelievable ✽ Jun 12 @ 7:34am 
β astikts Jun 12 @ 3:37am 
keylocke Jun 12 @ 3:09am 
i like checking out game reviews of different curator groups. so if i subscribed to a curator group specializing on anime-type games, then i expect recommendations for games with the bestest waifus evah.

same thing if i subscribe to curator groups that specializes with medieval combat, or survival sims, or base building games, etc.. i find that different curator groups specializing in a different niche offers better recommendations (especially with regards to sifting out the hidden gems) rather than just relying on games sorted as the most "popular", coz hidden gems by definition aren't popular (even though they should be).

but on a much larger note, what i'm mostly concerned about are the steam censorship.. as in why oh god why? why can't we ever have nice things?!