Bomb Squad Academy

Bomb Squad Academy

Thanks and What's Next !

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Wok Dec 17 @ 6:47am 
Loosh Sep 23 @ 9:45am 
Jean, by all means put the effort into BombSquad and it just might have good market potential.

Plus I would really would love to see your random Bomb Genarator! it sounds Really wild.
may I suggest to keep it Modular -:}

I comming aboard now to check it out, goodluck.
Nico Aug 19 @ 11:51am 
You have great ideas, I wish you can achieve them all! If you can do it, I'll buy the game, that's sure! Best encouragement for the futur
PewDiePie Jul 9 @ 12:14pm 
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!
calibrojosh10 Jul 3 @ 2:57pm 
my biggest reason for still not buying this game, was how short it was. Adding more to it, I will gladly give you
Meanwhile May 30 @ 8:05pm 
Not sure where you got the idea that trading card art needs to be anything special. It can just be a cropped screenshot, tbh.
This game has alot of potential... the fun character made me go really fast threw the game... Level Editior sounds great!!! :)
GB.FlyveHest May 8 @ 3:05am 
Adding a board editor, workshop support, and maybe a way to package multiple designs into some form of workshop campaign would be a great addition.

Randoms boards would be super as well, but as you say, this is not a trivial task at all.

But, most of all, I was really happy to hear that you are looking into supporting this game further, the premise is super fun, and I know there are lots of us that would like more bombs to defuse.
tlittle May 6 @ 6:32am 
THIS -> "The thing I would like to do the most, if I'm honest, is a random board generator."

I am buying the main game today to support you - I just found this gem due to a review I read through Flipboard! My brain works in ways that some do not (lefty wiring haha!), contact me if you need some alternative help on how to make this work. Seriously! I would love to see this random option and will do what I can to help.
MatDiac Apr 18 @ 10:44am 
super idea for the board editor