Patches and Improvements and Reception

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SlinGnBulletS 19 hours ago 
this gets a thumbs up. you acknowledge your mistakes and wish to improve. keep this up and your heading into the right direction.
Lsk 23 hours ago 
Please remove the need for passives to be allocated to an active slot, that defeats the whole object of a passive skill. 8 slots is a stretch for picking abilites alone, let alone having to resort to only having 5 and 3 passives. I wont buy Sonny because of this, from the video's i've seen many of the players feel the same way. either that or add 3 seperate slots for passives, that way you limit people to 3 passives at any one time but still free up enough slots to have viable skill combinations. other than a few QOL features like being able to see buffs/debuffs on characters and seeing skill description in fights by hovering over the skill the game looks pretty well polished, will buy if you add these things!
BATYA Apr 24 @ 7:09am 
Team, could you please add more ability slot? In sonny 2 if you unlocks a passive you didn't need to put them in ability slot, so 8 ability slot seems sufficient, but in this new version its hard to find a good build when you also need passives to be put in the ability slot in order for it to be "active", so I'm suggesting an extra ability slot for the passives, maybe 2 or 3 please?
☯Aldarys Apr 23 @ 7:09am 
That said, are you going to add those suggestion or let it die as it is ? Because to be fair with you, the equipment not showing is the ONLY thing preventing me from buying this game. The only thing.
carloshp11 Apr 23 @ 2:49am 
Don't worry, team. Those ARE secondary aspects for me, too. The most important things are challenging enemies and great strategy on choosing abilities and items. And you did it. Running a legend run is a challenge, and then noticing you can do it only on physical is awesome. Keep up the good stuff ;)
A_Furry_Gaymer Apr 22 @ 8:09am 
honestly, the animations, the visible equipment weren't really required to make the game, but they did make the game feel more alive and make the moves feel like they had OOMPH to them
Black-Thanatos Apr 21 @ 10:48am 
It seems that I cant keep more then 4 items in my inventory. WHen I have 1 item and buy 1, I keep them after leaving the game. If I have more then 4, all disappear, but not the first 4 items in the first line of the inventora.
S H I N Y Apr 21 @ 10:11am 
I may miss the flavor and quality of life stuff from the flash games, and even some of the customization options, but I enjoy the game greatly. I am proud of it even, so it makes me really happy that you're recognizing and understanding, AND RESPONDING to the criticism. I hope that one day soon, budget and team size will allow for a 2.0 type update with all these things, though I understand that that's a goal that may be quite far off for now.
I can and WILL enjoy my game regardless of any updates that I may personally desire. But this is a labor of love being presented to us and I can't be any less than appreciative and understanding of the decisions and design of the finished product.
I love sonny, sonny2, and this version as well. Nothing about this version will make me dislike it. I recommend this game and, i thinkits well worth the price point.
Thank you for you and your team's incredibly hard work, Dora. Please pass on my greatest regards and appreciation! <3
Dora Apr 21 @ 9:31am 
@black-thanatos: Hi! Sorry you're having issues. Please post in our support thread in the Steam forums with more details of your system and specs.
Black-Thanatos Apr 21 @ 9:20am 
Fixx it, please.