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WarPigeon 2012年11月3日上午8:53 
Hm, shame. With the number of other TF2 promotions I assumed Valve was all for devs making their own TF2 items. Ah well, regardless I'll still be keeping an eye out for whatever project you have coming out next!
Aussie Ben 2012年10月26日下午3:34 
Personally, I'd really like to! But it seems that the TF2 community-made items are for sale only, so that's not really appropriate. And I don't know how other devs are able to give away TF2 items with their game - we never really got a straight answer for that one, unfortunately.

Still, never say never and all that.
WarPigeon 2012年10月26日上午8:33 
Wow, is there any chance that this will make it into the game ever? Was it just a matter of not enough time/resources, or did Valve not approve the set? Cause I'd be willing to bet you'd see a pretty good increase in sales if you ever did release the above items...
mxT3 (mxtomek) 2012年9月26日下午10:27 
Great work! - hope to see it in game someday :)