Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World

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rregan00 Jun 24 @ 6:03pm 
How many wrestlers for the Battle Royal? Hopefully we can have Royal Rumble type matches with 30 entrants
TerranRich Jun 23 @ 3:58pm 
Rainmaker! Or, in other words, an Irish Whip into a clothesline.

That having been said, this game looks amazing and I will definitely be buying it. Can't wait to start my own fed!
LDial85 Jun 23 @ 2:14pm 
Mattv1 Jun 23 @ 2:03pm 
RAIN MAKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zombiezsteve1 Jun 22 @ 7:51pm 
Going to love this game when it's ready.
DudePeel Jun 22 @ 6:55pm 
Any possibility we could get more double team moves? Thinking along the lines of simple irish whip/downed attack combos.
Spuck Jun 22 @ 3:00pm 
pjlx911 Jun 22 @ 3:18am 


...That is all.
phoenixsplassh420 Jun 21 @ 1:24pm 
10th actually
phoenixsplassh420 Jun 21 @ 1:22pm 
It will be here July 11th