Police Stories

Police Stories

Alpha is coming, sign up!

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🌠ℜRitaliaℜ🌠 May 31 @ 2:15am 
Map-Editor for game Please
Tirikos ♠ May 24 @ 8:51am 
when will the alpha release?
NightSilverstein May 23 @ 6:21pm 
Did anyone play this game? I'm waiting for the release and now it's May.I wonder what's going on....
Precher May 20 @ 2:47am 
When can we just buy the game?
🌠ℜRitaliaℜ🌠 May 17 @ 11:05am 
To get a key? Or how to proceed ??????????
horrid74 May 16 @ 11:50am 
This looks awesome. I was really impressed by Doorkickers a few years ago but it sounds as though you have moved the concept forward and introduced more complexity and challenge. I am looking forward to your realease. Best of luck during the remainder of your development.
Sterfor May 15 @ 9:37am 
Is there a set release date for the alpha to be sent to those signed up, or will it be a "once it's ready" kind of deal?
B E L O U S O V  [developer] May 9 @ 7:57am 
Yes, we are going to add non lethal weapons such as pepper spray.

Top-down perspective doesn't work well with cover mechanic. We've tested it during early prototypes of the game.

Yes, players will have different types of tactical equipment (flash grenades, plastic explosive etc.)

We hope to add civilians who won't cooperate with a player without a strong warning and may ruin your mission.
General Henri Guisan May 7 @ 3:28pm 
So, will there be non lethal weapons like in SWAT 4 ? (taser, buckshot, flash, stinger peperspray) ? Could you ad a cover mechanic (behind a not to high object {solid} can protect you from shots and may disuade the enemy from shooting at you [you alwaays look for cover in a shooting, this is what I learned] )....... Will there be flashlights blinding the enemy, or laser pointers making your aim better and scaring of the Tango ? and will all civilians be nice to the cops ?
danivalguz May 6 @ 3:37pm 
A really want to play that game.
Congratulations for the job.