Lost in Secular Love

Lost in Secular Love

Lost in Secular Love English Demo is out!

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Vampy_girl2008 Jun 8 @ 11:19pm 
Where can I find the English Demo? I would love to play it and and looking forward to the full English version when it is ready.
Teleute_Eirene Jun 5 @ 7:48am 
It's a pity that I'm only free now, else I'd have applied earlier to help out as I speak both chinese and english.
_cherieuser May 23 @ 4:34pm 
Hello, I have just finished playing the English Demo and I cannot wait to play the full game !!♥ Is there an estimated date that we can look forward too for the release of the full English version?
Waterrain May 22 @ 12:18pm 
I played the English Demo (forget the exact date) and oh my it was so hilarous xD I loved it a lot. It made me smile and caused me to laugh out loud quite a few times which rarely happens for the most part for me. I love all of the rice comments and etc. One of my favorite food is rice although I add a bit of sugar & light amount of butter to it. The Heroine was amazing (She's great) as were the other characters and gah looking forward to when it comes out fully in English ;-; I can't wait for it to be released in English so I can buy and play it It is rare for there to be Chinese speaking voices for Otoem/VN. I love all of the voices so lovely & everything. You all are wonderful and I thank you deeply for this epic game (Can't wait to be able to play full verison...Sadly I don't know how to speak or write or understand Chinese ^_^;). Best good wishes and good luck to all. There are things in life worth waiting for and this game is one of them (^_^)/
clessley May 20 @ 3:37am 
The English demo had me laughing so, so much. The husband-as-rice bucket was the best thing ever. The entire extra story was a close second. I can't wait for this game to be released in English. You guys are fabulous. Thank you for this great game. (Third favorite thing, the hair/no hair option. Priceless. So, so good.)
SagelfM\("O口O)/ May 18 @ 2:55am 
Hello everyone. Could the players who received aya's letter join my friends? Now I am going to responsible for proofreding.
YeTu Game  [developer] May 18 @ 2:03am 
Hello everyone, the Lost in Secular Love translation has finished on 5 May. Sorry for waiting and thanks for everyone's support. Due to my poor English so I set Steam player: SagelfM\("O口O)/ to contact everyone for proofreading documents. Please accept his friend request if you receive it. (Sorry even this sentence is still translated by a friend...I will improve my English after finishing the game QAQ)

Attalanta Apr 25 @ 3:00am 
^_^ pure native English speaking otome fan! The paragraphs in the demo, weren't 100% formatted correctly(the words were broken up when it came to spacing them in paragraphs). However, it was a very intriguing story and beautiful graphics. If you want help with editing, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand! Just let me know, but I don't know a second language(only learning Japanese at the moment and I'm still fresh into it). I'm looking forward to the English version!!
inaram Apr 23 @ 12:27am 
Cute demo! I'm more or less bilingual Mandarin/English (more comfortable with English) and I think the translation in the main game is pretty good for this stage. There are some nuances and subtle connotations in the Chinese language (and culture) that can't be adequately captured in English, but I guess that can't be helped. The Glossary translation needs quite a bit of works still imo, and some of the religious concepts will likely quite different for Western audience.

I bought the Chinese version of the game since I'm impatient and can't wait. I have to say I like the ink caligraphy look of the Main Menu a lot. If you can try to capture some of that style in the English interface I think it'd look more cool and professional.

Best of luck with completing the localization! I'm excited for the English release and I'm curious how it will compare to the Chinese original. :)
queenskittles03 Apr 22 @ 11:56am 
I was late seeing this post, and wanted to offer up my services if you need more help. I am a native english speaker, and have a bachelors in english creative writing and theatre. I have experience in proofreading from editing stories and plays. I did also teach english for a bit. Visual novels are one of my favorite genres of games, so I would be very happy to help you with your project. I am also an avid reader, and have been known to finish reading long novels in very short periods of time. Lastly, I have quite a bit of time on my hands since I am at home most of the day, everyday. Please let me know if you need another person to look over your work.