Maintenance / May 7, 2014 - We're Back Up!

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Kenjii[NOR] May 14 @ 3:25am 
Mac OSX here to :P
Manrage May 10 @ 9:00pm 
Add M4 attachments please!
MrS.H.I.E.L.Dbro May 10 @ 7:57am 
or m16
MrS.H.I.E.L.Dbro May 10 @ 7:57am 
how do I color on my m4?????
Trade Crack for Knife May 8 @ 4:55am 
The Car Maps are no more fun when u need 2 rpgs to take down a car ...
*G^||R.E.D||Dragonich444 May 7 @ 7:26pm 
every time i try to blind fire all i see is my arm
[CCCP]BionicBump May 7 @ 4:43pm 
the blind fire mod is bugged! (i am mac osx user)
{EL}Gab May 7 @ 3:33pm 
how can I download the update, its not doing it automaticaly for me
|FOS|. Cody1307 May 7 @ 1:44pm 
Awesome. But permanent attachments maybe?
Teh Vent May 7 @ 7:17am 
Why do you deal 99% less dmg to people that are rappeling?