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Hello Everyone.
Another patch has been released today!

Here's the list of changes!

- fixed 5 dm spawns
- Cave lower door access is now open for TDM
- Fixed banisters and windows having messed up collisions
- Fixed hint brush causing a weird brush on roof top with no collision
- Some clips and adjustments

- Modified main ground texture ( less env, more sat, enabled lightmap scaling ) (also affects TERMINAL)
- Clipped chairs at bomb terminal to prevent exploit of planting between chairs ( undefusable )
- Dozen new clips
- Rearranged some cover
- 200 prop_door_rotating speed

- Some clips and exploits

- many reported bugs have been fixed

UPRISING (Bombing and Intel Variant)
- fixed some visual issues

Other Bug Fixes/Changes
  • new button 'fastswap' which can be bound to one key to swap between primary/secondary, or melee if one of primary or secondary is unavailable (restricted)
  • fixed breakables, like glass, so they actually break.
  • make bombs plantable ontop of playerclip (fixes an exploit in airport)
  • pistols and smgs distance sounds are now 3dB lower volume
  • many crashes for OSX fixed
  • shutdown crash fixed
  • fixed an exploit that allowed bots to be spawned when they weren't supposed to be
  • fixed a number of (potential) memory corruption issues
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Katso kaikki 6 kommenttia

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