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Beta Update - April 7, 2016

Hey guys, it's been a couple weeks since the Open Beta started. Things are going quite well, and we're pretty close to doing a full proper update.

As a Reminder, to Opt into the Beta, you must install regular Tactical Intervention, right click the game in Steam Library, click properties and switch to "open beta - testbed" to download the beta version.

Here is what's coming in this beta update:

  • MONACO-- Monaco has received a complete overhaul with a slightly different VIP Mode, known as MAFIA ESCAPE. Instead of Counter-Terrorists having the VIP, The terrorists have The BOSS.
    Stage1: Terrorists have 2 squads + the Boss. One Squad must attack the Casino. The other Squad must PROTECT the Boss, and help him escape to the cars.
    Stage2: The Mafia Team must drive The BOSS to the escape helicopter. Once the Boss is inside, a few moments later the Helicopter will take off. The Mafia must protect the Helicopter until it can escape. The Monaco Police (CT) Must do whatever they can to stop it.
  • lots of updates to SKYRISE
  • lots of updates to VILLA
  • additional fixes to INNERCITY for collision, as well as added cubemaps around the stage 2 escape point
  • new collision fixes for HIGHWAY around the roads to reduce getting stuck on collision
  • [driving] cars have an all new suspension system, this really needs some good testing to make sure the cars are in tip-top shape.
  • [driving]new sounds for driving on dirt roads
  • [driving]car tires now visually pop again like they did until Sept 2013
  • [driving]cull detail sprites that are inside the car you are riding in
  • fix the bug allowing you to put a sniper rifle/dog in both fallback and normal
  • fix the bug with minimap/sa indicator option, not hiding the minimap when set to SA only.
  • disable NPC indicator particles
  • don't play the "heal me" sound anymore, because it's really annoying
  • don't give hints against helicopter pilots
  • Newly created rooms aren't respecting certain settings, like auto-balance --- Requires Lobby shutdown and maintenance, as well as client update.
  • shaders updated again
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