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A minor update has been released with the following changes
  • [ALL] Changed the way Map Names are shown in the UI to eliminate confusion between FFA/TDM
  • [FFA] reverse the score sorting at end of match so it shows the top 5 BEST players, not the top 5 WORST players.
  • [FFA] Fix knife not damaging players on the same "team"
  • [FFA] death notice shows in an orange colour
  • [FFA] fixed an issue where spawn location selection was not random (but some maps still need updating with additional locations)
  • [FFA] modified how certain strings related to a players team are displayed, to mitigate some of the confusion
  • [FFA] hide "team score" from the top of the scoreboard (the scoreboard will be modified a lot more in the near future for FFA)
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