Battlerite Development Update

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Zarteke Feb 15 @ 4:52pm 
1v1 queues please do it!!
XperienC # 99 Feb 15 @ 9:49am 
Excelent job.
Myvander Feb 13 @ 9:59am 
Thanks SLS.
Derolis Feb 13 @ 8:30am 
This is exciting stuff. You guys are awesome.
xXxUnknownxXx Feb 13 @ 4:29am 
good job SLS. I really enjoy and adore the game so far, keep it up guys!!
Toshihiko_Z Feb 13 @ 12:33am 
Jerpie Feb 13 @ 12:32am 
I loved BLC and played it on and off since the beta. Battlerite is a realy good game that have the potential to become great.
It's amazing to see that SLS is so responsive to the community and makes constant changes to improve the game.
One thing i've noticed compared to BLC is the overall attitude in the community. People are more friendly and non toxic. It will be intresting to see how it turns out when Battlerite goes f2p.

Keep up the good work!
哲士 Feb 12 @ 6:22pm 
哲士 Feb 12 @ 6:13pm 
Kalenos Feb 12 @ 9:06am 
Nice work. I would not add more gamemodes because then you are going to fragment much more the low population that you have, which means more queue time, worst quality of rank and so on.

I am agree with retention and UI (wich I think is your weakess point).

Rigth now there is a problem with the population. Maybe you would need to make more f2p weekends.

Good Luck.