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Hey everyone!

This morning we released a small patch for Battalion 1944 that will mostly focus on map changes, tweaks and fixes.

We want to thank everyone for their patience, support and compliments for our March 8th Major Update we released earlier on this month. This contained a tonne of fixes and improvements and was a lot of work. We got a lot of messages and we saw so many discussions about how this update fixed a lot of issues that people were experiencing so it’s great to see our efforts working and being appreciated.

We hope that it’s a little more obvious that we listen to the issues our community have and we work very hard to make sure they get fixed as soon as possible.

Gameplay Changes

  • Bomb fuse timer is now 50 seconds in Unranked/Competitive modes.
  • Operator removed Frag Grenade and given Smoke Grenade instead.

Map Changes

  • Added simple radar inspired minimap

  • Added new tunnel to courtyard area from allied spawn to allow allies to avoid nade spam on middle and gain more map control at the start of the round.
  • Added decals to recognise the community effort made to improve the map.

  • Lighting tweaks - clouds are now more visible.
  • Closed the window in the open barn facing b site by barrels.

Manorhouse v2:
  • Added a pallet to show where you can jump onto the A barn small roof.
  • Removed a number of overpowered headglitch angles on B site by removing the platform stair banisters.
  • Fixed collision around the crates on B site.
  • Fixed the spot you could see under the wall from mid into A site.
  • Fixed the pixel walk on the barn by A site.
  • Fixed collision on apples crates to prevent proning inside the crates.
  • Tightened up the collision around the crashed plane by the manor house.

  • Improved collision to stop players leaning through the concrete bunker walls for info.
  • Re-added the collision to the crates in axis spawn which was accidently removed.

  • Added collision to the cloth cover on B site to stop players hiding inside it.

Spectator Improvements

  • Smokes now show on the large overview minimap.
  • Fix for killfeed colours sometimes showing incorrectly whilst in spectator.
  • Fix for crouching / proning being instant when spectating.
  • Spectators now see which team won the round instead of just seeing "Round End".

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for killfeed colours sometimes showing incorrectly whilst dead.
  • Fix for grenade markers using your dead body location and not the location of the player you are currently spectating.
  • Fixed spectators being applicable to votes.
  • Fixed a few low-occurrence client crashes

Network Communication Improvements
  • Network Icons added to the top right of the HUD

Misc Changes
  • Removed launcher.
  • Temporarily moved region select into the “Main Menu’s” top bar.
    Note: If you want to change your region after selecting one you must restart the client
  • Changed the grey player colour on the minimap to yellow.

Note for Community Server Admins

We've changed the way that admins update their server files.
Please read the new info provided on

Looking Forward

Our next major update will be a big one containing lots of great changes and additions. Until then we are sinking into developing more content and diving into developing fixes for continual issues.

Coupled with our next major update, there are some pretty cool announcements regarding Battalion and it’s future coming soon so make sure you stay tuned for those!
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