Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Update 12 - Blast Entry

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Game kNight Plays Jan 9 @ 11:04am 
Why only two heroes in the free weekly rotation? Thought it was three?

Loving the game and looking forward to more cards (saving up gold to buy loads)
ProestUnicorn Jan 8 @ 8:45am 
Not that i was using it a lot but well,ghost is useless piece of s*** now :x 5 sec is forever in such a fast game and ure able to redraw cards for fireball or spawn at least 3 units to kill it so its basically waste of mana spawning him at all cuz he won't ever be able to steal the unit and even if miraculously so it won't be able to hit something rly cuz of curse,the second thing is that that when ghost is useless now there is only 1 way to counter biggest units-lightning which hits only 1 target,making new cards with similar effect would be ok but u will still have dead card in game(ghost). Why not making ghost taking control faster and having one hp? Old 3 sec or so would do cuz there would be use of it and there will be more than enough ways to kill him.
Mr. Panpan Jan 7 @ 2:53pm 
ghost turret debuff made my night sad :'(
Drez Jan 7 @ 1:42pm 
"Ghost Turret - Cannot target flying units anymore"

This is unfortunate :(

Still, let's see how things go this year shall we?
Pox Jan 7 @ 12:50pm 
IDeKo22l the game is early access, there's a reason it's in this state as well.
Deko22 Jan 7 @ 3:12am 
i'm already done with this unbalanced game.
Deko22 Jan 7 @ 2:53am 
Call me too when you nerf the new hero , another unbalanced thing like DEMON FRICKIN WARRIOR wtf its that thing summon it 5 times AND GG . Damn.. this game gona be bad and bad. i thought gona be fun etc.. but with this unbalance its gg
RyuuGamer Jan 6 @ 6:42am 
Kakaova Jan 6 @ 4:42am 
Call me when you nerf the rat and the new hero.
Derp Diggler Jan 5 @ 6:02pm 
The Ghost Turret nerf just made this game horrible....... That was an unneeded change. All this did was make dragons the #1 unit in this game.