Agony release date

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Toad222 35 minutes ago 
As usual, the posts are full of ignorant and entitled people whining, when they have no idea how difficult getting a game, especially one like Agony, to gold can be.

AGONY DEVS: There are those of us here who really, really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this project. Please don't let the few ignorant folk on here ruin the mood for you.

Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see the finished product *whenever* it arrives! :)
Qualkec 1 hour ago 
Quite cryin, it'll be here when it gets here. Read a book or something.
groop69 2 hours ago 
This is seriousley getting this the second or even third time they postpone it? If you are going to announce a final release date, make sure that it stays like it. They have had over a year to " polish " this game now, and the longer we have to wait the higher our expectations will be, so it's easier to become disappointing. I truly hope they won't postpone this for too long or they could as well cancel it if they are never going to release it!
i was very excited innitially when i heard about this game, played the demo saw reviews etc....but now that its been delayed 100 times, im thinking....its basically a walking tour simulator through hell...with a chance to change bodies and walk somemore in the body of a demon....not as exciting when you think about it....hopefully i will be pleasantly disappointed. :)
Sheppard Of Fire, you can find the demo on TPB...its been there for awhile now.
you can find the demo on TPB
Sheppard Of Fire 5 hours ago 
Was so excited to get this game and I just found this out. This SUCKS! At least give us a demo or something, jeez...
BadSniper 7 hours ago 
@Omnistat I guess they just edited the original post with the March 30th release date
Dorrom639 7 hours ago 
Omnistat 8 hours ago 
Why does it say this was posted last October?