Prey - Steam Update v1.03 - Patch Notes

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OptionalLemon 2 hours ago 
@G.I. Jew: A Real American Hebrew

Because it's built on a completerly different game engine than Dishonored 2,
cantiloper 6 hours ago 
"A new update for Prey v1.03 is now available via Steam – see below for instructions."

All I'm "seeing below" are these comments. Maybe we're supposed to assume that the patch was downloaded and applied automatically? If so, then that should be noted: I've just spent 20 minutes looking around for the download to no avail...
Why does Prey run so much better than Dishonored 2?
t850terminator 10 hours ago 
Now all we need is mod support or a map editor.
TheStragglyGuy 18 hours ago 
When I enter the loading screen for the beginning Apartment level, after the loading is done the game instanly crashes everytime.
Divine Raiden 19 hours ago 
Only thing i've experienced that's not entirely a bug is that when i log in the game it automatically changes my Nvidia settings for brightness and contrast and it makes it a lot darker.It works fine on every other game when i use borderless window but this time that's not the case.
Ⓣ☯Ⓜ 22 hours ago 
Are you guys using mods/messing with the game's config files or something? I literally haven't had any of these bugs in over 50 hours of gameplay, primarily played with the release version. The only bug I've got is that auto-stacking one and that affects everyone.
Hugh Mungus 23 hours ago 
Yes, that's great but please, fix the Dahl mission's bug, when you need to put him in the medical bay :/
tofuSCHNITZEL 23 hours ago 
Unfortunately is does not fix the Shipping & Receiving bug for me. Enoch is already turned. I have a save file from before opening the door to the cargo bay but the only other save I have is from -6 Hours so there is no option for me to go back before Enoch was turned. Can I send you my save file?
Uncle Rusty 23 hours ago 
That sounds like it could be a system stability or maybe driver issue... have you tried a stress test such as Unigine Valley for a few hours to verify your PC is stable? Clean uninstall/reinstall of GFX drivers? Any other games have issues?

Overall I haven't heard a lot of complaints with Prey crashing compared to some recent games which did have actual issues/bugs, but it's still possible. Hasn't crashed for me however with 26 hours played.