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Update 0.3 - New Menu, Steam Achievements

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Hart Laboratories  [developer] May 24 @ 1:19pm 
Ah cool. I will bump handicap games up in priority. The items bumped in priority I will try to get in for release, but it might be the update following release if I run short on time. Working very long days to get in a bunch of polish I think first time player will like over the next week :)
Bezlikii May 23 @ 11:59pm 
Thank you! I got), but wanted to play with a handicap. There is no such possibility.
Hart Laboratories  [developer] May 23 @ 9:22am 
So the AI for the harder difficulties is Fuego which in the 2 Kyu to 2 Dan range depending on who you ask.

It does not save sgf's right now, but it on the list and I will move up the priority. BTW if you have sgf's you can replace the demo1.sgf through demo4.sgf in the ancient go/ancient go/binaries/win64 folder and it will play them at the start.

So play with Steam friends is already in. You both need OGS accounts and to have logged in with Ancient Go at least once. There is a button 'Play Steam Friend' in the 'New Game' menu for online games. Is that what you mean?

Bezlikii May 23 @ 5:57am 
Nice! I love it! I would like to be able to play together with a friend from the steam. And to put forward. And then the multiplayer only through OGO.
Vargas78 May 22 @ 6:54pm 
Nice update! I like the new menus.
Raein May 22 @ 6:32pm 
Thank you! How strong is the A.I. approximately at highest settings? And does it save the SGF of (completed) games somewhere (A.I. games)
Hart Laboratories  [developer] May 22 @ 5:31pm 
Yeah! You can turn it off using the 'Hints Visuals' button in the options menu. I updated above to reflect that :)
Raein May 22 @ 5:12pm 
Sounds cool! Loving the updates so far. Can we get this "Visual warning for any of your stones in atari" as an optional point? I doubt everyone would want that.