Update 0.5.0 Preview

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okarowarrior Aug 10 @ 7:37am 
@ballsdeep The game already features multiplayer, only you have to have friends.
ballsdeep Aug 9 @ 7:26am 
what about multiplayer?
kor  [developer] Aug 8 @ 8:40am 
Thanks heaps for the feedback @okarowarrior! Much appreciated. Very valid points. I'll have a play around with the wind settings. Definitely agree on the camera obstructions from level geo. The bot path finding definitely needs improvement - hopefully we can work on that shortly. We'll have a think about the camera positioning. Thanks again!
okarowarrior Aug 7 @ 9:41pm 
1) Please turn a little down the ammount of wind on white peak. It's too strong right now, two frequent and thus kinda annoying (it kills the bots over and over).
Old stuff:
2) Please improve the bots moving paths so they avoid the cliffs on the desert level and white peak. They still kill themselves as they always did
3) The "desert-altar" level and forest levels needs to add the mechanic that make camera obstacles transparent. I think this is kinda high priority, because it makes matches annyoing and some close combat battles unfun.
4)The centered-average-players-position camera when many players distance each other needs to be farther. Right now your character is stick to the boundary of the screen and you cant see what's in front of you.
5)(Less priority) If playing with bots the camera should track you away certain disntance from the bots.
Keep up the updates!
okarowarrior Aug 6 @ 9:46am 
AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!
kor  [developer] Jul 26 @ 7:35am 
Updated to 0.5.0a41. See notes above.

Thanks @Vagabondian™ :D
Vagabondian™ Jul 25 @ 11:20am 
looks like youre really putting some time in...
kor  [developer] Jul 23 @ 7:58am 
Updated to 0.5.0a40. See notes above.
Chuker Jul 22 @ 8:17pm 
OLDr! Tabloids Jul 22 @ 7:35am 
I'll have a look this week.