Stars in Shadow

Development Update: 29 August 2017

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Poncho 17 Σεπ στις 17:31 
Confetti 1 Σεπ στις 21:41 
This is good.
very good.
Loyal Viggo 30 Αυγ στις 11:07 
By the Beard of Zeus, I approve
Morhem 30 Αυγ στις 5:06 
Prolly gonna check this one out.
Jean-Luc 29 Αυγ στις 22:00 
"....adds zoom levels to the tech tree."

Oh thank the stars.
29 Αυγ στις 19:57 
Nice art yooo.
eevle1 29 Αυγ στις 17:09 
I like how you tied in existing objects (Star Harpies) that had elements of mystery about them already, into a new story that serves to explain them and help tell the new story. Nicely done.
Yuan Shikai 29 Αυγ στις 16:41 
Very interesting...
Nasarog 29 Αυγ στις 15:58 
Whoa, nice. Love the new art!