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We've got a new map inbound! This next one will be an urban map based around a bombed out french cathedral. Please note, lighting and post process is still WIP.

The map will be ready for testing soon, we will be posting an announcement here when it's time.

Going Forward

Over the next few months we plan to continue to churn out maps and test them during scheduled events. We won't be releasing them fully until we feel we've amassed enough new content to justify a significant game update and free weekend, when they will be released as a batch. This is not because we want to withhold content from you, but because we want to have a compelling reason to come back and try the game once its ready.

During this period we will continue to update the game, tweak the guns, polish rough edges, and add new features from our development roadmap (Map Editor, VOIP, Bots, etc.)

Next month we plan to have a big announcement that we think will please a lot of you - so make sure you pop back then.

We are also including a list of recent FAQ below, mostof these are questions we've answered in these monthly updates but we wanted to lay them out in an easy to read format.

-Driven Arts


What is the state of the game?
We are in Early Access, meaning we are still building essential features and refining the core of the game while also creating the bulk of the map content. The game is still very much in development.

Why aren’t you running Ads or other promotions to try and get more people to play the game?
We are not trying to bring in new players now because we have a list of things we want to accomplish first to improve the polish and replayability of the game for it to be ready for the next milestone.

When will the game be “ready” for the next milestone?
When it’s ready. We want to have a big batch of new maps and we have a wishlist of features we want but we cannot predict exactly when that will be.

When will ____ map be released?
We will not release any more maps until the next major game update when they will be released as a batch. We will be doing limited testing of new maps in the meantime. For reference, we are averaging a new map every 2 months, and that speed tends to increase as our art asset base grows.

When will ____ feature be done?
We will continue to update the game adding new features in, but can’t promise what will happen when. There are several long term projects that are partially complete, so its possible they all come together at relatively the same time. We reallocate development resources based on what our priorities are at any given moment.
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