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Today we are pleased to announce a little contest for Secret of the Magic Crystals! Get your horses ready, as on the 30th and the 31st of August the developers will be heading into the race track to duke it out with you guys (The Community!). You can check the events (and their times) here. Each event will run for roughly 1 - 1 1/2 hours length. (PLEASE NOTE: Steam auto-does your time zone conversion, the time you see is the time that the event occurs in your timezone).

In order to participate you must have The Race! installed, which is on sale now for $2 USD here. The base game can also be purchased for %50 off (at $2.50 USD) here.

As an added bonus, players who can best the developers in a race (and also come first!) will recieve a free key for either the base game of Secret of the Magic Crystals or a key for Secret of the Magic Crystals: The Race!*.

*Please note you can only win a key once

The list of Developer in-game names are as follows:

If you see any of these players in your game, that means you are racing with a developer!

The stakes are high, and the developers are ready. The question is, are you?
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3 events in the next 2 weeks
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Race the Developers!
August 30 @ 10:00am

Race the Developers (Europe)
August 31 @ 02:00am

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