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The developers over at Artery Studios are pleased to announce a new update, rolling onto your Steam Client this Monday! This update brings some minor fixes, and an all new Leaderboard system for the official DLC "The Race!". The full changelog is below:

Originally posted by ArteryStudios:
+++ The Race (DLC) expansion changes:

- Leaderboards !!!
- Particles tweaked for better visibility and performance
- Hang on pressing “Leave” during race fixed
- Minimize under Windows doesn’t quit race anymore
- Camera during race now doesn’t go through meshes (collision fixed)
- Numerous performance optimisations
- Small tweaks on maps

+++ Main game changes:

- Menu button moved to top right and changed to icon from text
- Sound and music play fixed
- Player running out of terrain in training fixed
- Other small tweaks and fixes

In other news, there is something very exciting in the works right now. Not all the details are set just yet, but keep an eye on the official forums here on Steam for more information at a later date.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day!
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