Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결

Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결

Final Version! For now...

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akatsukimoh Apr 23 @ 3:08pm 
The unique thing that I not liked in this new update was the the Versus screen, because its very flashy and not match with the dark and tone of this game. I aways liked the wat that this screen looked so serious and grim.
There's a possibility of return the purple background in the versus screen, letting that police strips? (that strips are very cool indeed.)
Bluestargeneral  [developer] Apr 3 @ 10:57pm 
Hi Limelight1210, beat standard to unlock duelling, beat duelling to unlock turbo and beat turbo to unlock master modes.

limelight1210 Apr 3 @ 6:21am 
On my game it doesn't have any option for turbo or master. Just question marks.
Bluestargeneral  [developer] Mar 28 @ 12:56am 
I want to quickly do some fixes for sta1 next, nothing major tho. Just improve the controls, fix the resoultion code etc.

Ohwui Mar 27 @ 8:14am 
You're awesome dude, look like you really care your games.. I hope you continue update Verdict Guilty to continue make something better, maybe more characters in the future ? or an online mode ?
PantsuJo Mar 27 @ 3:30am 
Bluestargeneral  [developer] Mar 26 @ 10:47am 
Hi Harry Bedershy, what's the issue? I don't quite understand.

DooMDozeR Mar 26 @ 9:21am 
Harry Bedershy Mar 26 @ 9:16am 
Hey actualy i cant do the succes and see the scoreboard ! its because the last update, it make my game launched offline