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PATCH 02.03.2017

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Just "K" Mar 8 @ 12:47pm 
Not sure exactly what you guys did with the 14G update, but since I've downloaded it my gameplay experience has been very hard to adjust to. My character glitches all over the place. If I run in one direction and stop, seconds later I teleport either several feet in that same direction, or kinda in the mashup of that and whichever way I turned to look. This has led to many of unfortunate deaths, which kinda kills the vibe of wanting to play. Others on my server have reported seeing me teleport about when moving around, so I know it's not just my end. However, they're not having the same issues as I am.
At first I thought it was my internet so I upgraded my equipment to get better internet speed, but there was no change. Then, I tried turning everything to low in graphics and that did nothing.
Others on my server seem to think that it's an issue with my connection to the server, but I have the same issue when I play a single-player game.
Is there something I can do to fix this?
Slick Turpin Mar 7 @ 6:23am 
@uliwitness This takes place 20,000 years ago when men were men and women were women before everything turned degenerate
YSoProToss Mar 6 @ 12:14pm 
Keep the females with male voices! Gruff women! Butch Lesbians! Chicks with dicks! Huzzah, Equality!
Jochen Mar 5 @ 10:39am 
Placing a shrine: did you check if the character's height has any unwanted influence here? I tested with two characters of maximum height that were able to set a shrine, and two characters not maximum height that weren't.

Looks like bows don't make any damage since the update.

To all Whinies: This is an Alpha. If you want to play polished games, go for released games.
St0k3DK1113r Mar 5 @ 3:03am 
omg @uliwitness. take your sjw bullcrap somwhere else. your movement is dying. your points are invalid. your constant contest of who can be the most offended is exposed for what it is. *disclaimer-I respect all people, all cultures, all lifesyles. -*disclaimer
Drake Mar 5 @ 3:03am 
At Saturday Morning after Server Update, half of our Buildings were missing.... well shit happens, we build them new. Sunday morning after all were offline for some Houres and Server was restartet: Half of our Buildings are missing Again... makes no Fun a second time...
Deathclaw Mar 4 @ 6:45pm 
It's early access, which means we are all the test dummies. Don't complain about updates
Soul Mar 4 @ 5:12pm 
uliwitness Mar 4 @ 3:36pm 
Why is being able to pick a deep voice for a female character a bug? IMO you should let us choose any of the voices with any gender. Enough real-world examples of people like that.
Captain Metal Mar 4 @ 12:58pm 
A 14GB update? Seriously? For an update that size we should've gotten something cool, not just textures and bug-fixes.

Rust plays and looks just as good, and the entire game is only about 7GB, not sodding 30 gig.