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Conan Exiles

PATCH 17.2.2017

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UberJuice Feb 21 @ 10:33am 
Hey guys, I invite you to join to a very new server based in UK London.

Works 24/7, we have active admin, 2.5x EXP, PvP Blitz, no admin abuse and no lag.
Also, since there are not too many people yet, you have an opportunity to start playing early and claim better lands before anyone else
BSI Exile

You can always add me in friends if you would like to know more,
See you in Conan!
Xenoryos Feb 20 @ 10:36pm 
@Warboy my ping on all servers less than 50 just to make it clear highest is 120 10 servers below 60 3 servers below 50
Master oxibit0 Feb 20 @ 6:25pm 
Dr. Fly Feb 20 @ 3:22pm 
Deutscher PvP Server 40 Slot
3x XP - Start 21.02.17
Aktive Admins
Tägliche Backups
Keine Wipes
Monatliches beseitigen von Offline Spieler Basen
Warboy Feb 20 @ 2:10pm 
@Xenoryos Your latency effects everyone in the server if it is high. If you are a Sea player no one wants you on thei servers lagging everyone out. Plenty of private servers dont have region locks. The Officials do so that they dont fill up with a bunch of 300ms idiots and slow everyone down.

It is never the games fault if you live in an obscure region with shit backbones hooking into the web.
Xenoryos Feb 20 @ 1:38pm 
There is only one thing to fix why on every official server i go it says not avialable on region i cant play at all whats the point of spending 30 bucks if you cant play on anyserer
Iago Branco Feb 20 @ 8:13am 
WHAT THE FUCK OF OFFICIAL SERVERS???????????????????????????????
123 Feb 20 @ 4:17am 
Playing Ark for now until the trolls move on to another game.
Star Stealing Girl Feb 19 @ 8:44pm 
I was wondering why I couldn't refill my waterskin. Even after making another one.
BigDoctaD Feb 19 @ 4:54pm 
We have a new server [US] sturm east coast pvp 2x all looking for new players both competitve and casual alike! looking for players to grow a large community with events and good and glitch free pvp. hope to see you there!