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Hotfix 28.03.2017

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Toreey The Insane!!!! Mar 30 @ 10:44pm 
[EU] #Official Server #No lag/No Wipes looking for more players :)

World rank #83
Amazing Server looking for more players. PvP. Purist. 1x. No unraidable bases. NO cheat/exploit of any kind are allowed, we will ensure that we have a clean server. The server have the best hardware available with the best performance. Low ping / No lagg guaranteed
Server name: [EU] #Official Server #No lag/No Wipes
We also have an active forum
Server are paid until 15/02-2018, and will continiue on forever.
Welcome to us
Joe Mar 30 @ 8:46pm 
For anyone out there experiencing the same issue that I've had with launching the game after the last 2 patches, i may have found a fix for you, it worked for me! Locate your Conan Exiles steam folder, for example mine is in OS(C:)/Program Files (x86) /Steam /SteamApps /common /Conan Exiles. Go through the ConanSandbox folder, Binaries folder, win64 and finally into the battleye folder. launch the .bat file to uninstall battleye. as soon as that is complete, launch the .bat to reinstall battleye. Go back into the win64 folder and launch ConanSandbox.exe. The game should load from there. When u arive at the main menu, shut down the game and launch the ConanSandbox_BE.exe. From that point on you should be able to launch the game from either your shortcut, or steam itself. :)
[BSRR] Cr4cKy Mar 30 @ 7:57pm 
WOW behind the keyboard I'm a what do you know about who has what, you just an axx kisser it is nice to let the Devs know that their work is appreciated, but little that you know what kind of pc's are getting chocked everytime the'res an update come down you could have an issue and experiences others are having, talking trash about your super computer isn't helping anyone and neither the Devs.
bornsixty8 Mar 30 @ 6:35pm 
Screw these crybabies, and their crappy computers, which is the real source of their problems. I was having problems with stairs not snapping onto foundations and walls. Your hotfix solved the problem, and I haven't had any issues since.

Great job, and keep up the good work dev team. It's not your fault people are trying to run max settings on their old obslete 900 or older series GTX GPUs. I have a GTX 970 in my PC, and noticed a month ago Exiles and some other games were getting a bit rough. I turned down the GPU settings a notch from max to high, and these games ran as smooth as silk afterwards. Even on high settings, this game still looks pretty sweet. I'm happy.

My 970 has been real good to me, but it's clearly beginning to show its age. This is why I'm saving up for a GTX 1070 GPU, which should be more than enough for my 1080p moniter.
[BSRR] Cr4cKy Mar 30 @ 1:54pm 
It made it unplayable for me as well, just minutes ago I was getting from 27 to 37 fps now I only get 5 to 7 fps wth?
Joe Mar 30 @ 1:37pm 
but ofc, no support from the devs
Joe Mar 30 @ 1:37pm 
ive been going through that shit since the last patch, havnt been able to launch the game
Aviareps Mar 30 @ 12:44pm 
This patch made the game unplayable!
[BSRR] Cr4cKy Mar 30 @ 8:16am 
After the game install, there was a patch 14gb big, basicly the game over, is there something that can be deleted?
emp456 Mar 30 @ 7:59am 
14gb needed for patch? Are you using also that crap of steampipe or what? :P