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HOTFIX 24.03.2017

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Noisa1992 Mar 28 @ 1:44pm 
thank you for fixing that building issue its working perfectly now :D
Yokoshima Mar 28 @ 9:48am 
Seems to work well, thank you :)
Spokaner Mar 28 @ 9:19am 
I had some probs in the building system, lets see if they are gone with this update,hope they are,still god job cause you are doing improves in the building system and keep updating, nice.
Greengou Mar 28 @ 9:14am 
umas correções bestas... pqp...
☣ Don Sonny ☣ Mar 28 @ 8:40am 
StrayGenius u are degen stfu
Noia Mar 28 @ 8:07am 
need more hotfix
JackDeathKnight Mar 28 @ 7:52am 
I seen that they have already replied to the problems with the building and said they would be having a hot fix / patch for the snap point problems. We just have to wait.
Stensvig Mar 28 @ 7:27am 
I can't build stairs any longer, I can't build walls inside of my house. all building mecanics just seem so clunky and the stairs and inner walls don't work at all...
pls fix it, love the game, but if I can't build anything I kind of don't see why I should play it...
Scratch Mar 28 @ 7:23am 
can't place stairs,gates, or fence foundations. fence foundations used to be my favorite build mechanic plz fix!! walls on wedge peices often say faild to place and have strange new restrictions. still can't stack wedge foundations. If by chance a piece gets placed under or partly under the sand it can't be deleted. Triangles/wedges made building tall structures out of them challenging enough before with the dancing wall pieces or just being unplaceable for no appearent reason but now it's just unplayable.
Ravynwynd Mar 28 @ 7:14am 
RP/PvE SERVER: Realm of the Outsider Adult RP
ip address:

Server owner wiped server, and updated server, and updated on recent patch.

Improvement to placing and snapping building components is evident, and appreciated.

However, stairs is still bugged.

Please set this as your TOP priority, because stairs plays a vital role in building.

Thank you for creating such a vivid sandbox.