Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Patchnotes v3.0.31.292 - Meet our new AI system

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Bloodwake1 Feb 23 @ 11:51pm 
early, its harder....later...its not so hard. Rangers are honestly overpowered if you got the tanks
MyPants Feb 20 @ 7:36pm 
How about ambushing the player's party in some areas and/or at choke points? Or sometimes necessitating haste and stress to finish one battle before a second wandering group of enemies joins against you? Or perhaps even a few battles where a second group of enemies joining midway is unavoidable? I would be delighted to encounter all of these scenarios and each adds difficulty in a different way.
Deltablack Feb 19 @ 2:15pm 
Well the AI seem to constantly knock you out/stun/disable.I mean i ike it when its hard, but skeleton controlling all my crew with no problem at all make it frustrating...
Leo The Schrodinger's Cat Feb 15 @ 11:08am 
You're not playing Divinity if the AI is not constantly kicking your ass.
kancho anego Feb 13 @ 8:45pm 
If you think ai is hard go play on easy u newbs!
kancho anego Feb 13 @ 8:44pm 
I will not support your company if you make AI easy again. DOS1 was boring as hell because combat on harfest difficult was easy as stepping in to a dog shit in the dog park.

Make games hard again!
Flewnd Feb 12 @ 4:56am 
Fair Deal. The AI must be difficult the main point is too be a strategy gaming choose your decisions. Not only kill everything mindless in your way. It s gonna be challenging and rewarding Tactician Mode to play with.
Note: For the Casual "crybaby" gamers make explorer mode with easy AI . You guys need to make the game to appeal for everyone
MyPants Feb 11 @ 3:52pm 
Please, please make the AI challenging! I loved Divinity: Original Sin, but even in Tactician Mode, the battles were "too easy" with the builds my friend and I played with; we chose perks and skills we thought worked well and did not follow any guides. One character dying in the group was a rarity; the whole party wiping was non-existent. It came to the point I would seek out the areas I wasn't high enough level for (mobs 2 or more levels higher) just to have some challenge (usually could only do small fights in these areas).

In the "hard mode/tactician mode" in D:OS 2, please force the player to make sound tactical decisions in order to fight their way to victory with consequences for poor decisions wreaking havoc on their party. Poor AI ruins games (my biggest gripe; I love you Civ V, but jeez, your AI is napping) while good AI makes me come back for a challenge for DECADES after release.

Thanks! And keep up the good work guys. Really looking forward to release.
Pato Feb 10 @ 12:19am 
Hi David, thanks for the many updates. I would like to report another bug where if you kill Radeka the Witch without engaging in conversation beforehand, the Dragon does not acknowledge you have killed her thus not allowing you to complete the quest. Thanks
GrimOptimism Feb 9 @ 7:48pm 
You weren't kidding. Even on explorer mode, the enemy AI has stunned, tripped, and crippled my team 5 turns in a row. It was kind of frustrating.