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Hi to all friends of The Haunted Games!

Before Cedric takes over again…we just waited two days more to give you a very first look at another new aspect of what is also in work at KTX…

Hello guys, let's talk a little bit about “foliage” today...

Talking generally about vegetation related to the Haunted 1 set of maps you may find it not as fantastic as some other parts of the visual content. In fact, EPIC (the company that created the Unreal Engine) implemented hardware instanced static meshes into Unreal Engine 3 when the maps of the game were close to completion.

However, the most exciting thing about "foliage" is that you can turn a boring naked floor into a very detailed area without stumbling into hours and hours of hard work.
Have look at that beautiful picture…

…making a beautiful meadow like this requires a mesh for grass and one for the yellow flowers that you compose with only minor differences in size, rotation and color between each instance of the meshes into the landscape - and it turns into a completely unique appearance - and how unique depends on you.

So, what happened lately: the thoughts of making the DLC even better for you, led me to a wrong way, because I thought too much about the appearance as about the game performance, we already talked about. In the end only seven meshes out of a collection of 40 were integrated, without affecting the good appearance recognizeable, but it helped the performance.

With closer look at one of those meshes you will realize: there is not a lot of detail in the geometry, which makes clear that the texture is by far the most important part of a vegetation asset - save time and don’t look elsewhere.

The following images are made to give you an impression of how I check the sense of scale, the way my foliage reacts to lighting, as well as performances and how I recognize in which way my meshes fit together best - I just put them in an empty map.

Finally, see how the assets are used in the upcoming DLC. As you know from the beginning of today’s remarks, Hardware instanced meshes don't work well with lighting in the Unreal Engine 3 - but I'm working on a solution…as much and as soon as I can.

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