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Tales of Berseria

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okay but will we be able to preload the game before release?
robomagon 5 hours ago 
That doesn't mean that their not telling the truth about their intentions, however.
Kaldaien 5 hours ago 
@XeidiDent: I am to say, that statements such as "Tell me when Denuvo is removed, then I will buy the game" are passive aggressive cries for attention.
XeidiDent 12 hours ago 
Right now, Denuvo may lock you out of your game if whenever it needs to revalidade your access to the game and for any reason your machine can't reach their servers, be it on your side or their side, like if you don't have internet access or their servers are down.

Another problem would be if Denuvo goes out of business thus shutting down their servers and the game devs don't patch out Denuvo from their game. This would lock you out of your game for good. And this has already happened with others DRMs, including one developed by the same team behind Denuvo.

Now, if this isn't an issue for you, this is completely fine. Buy the game and have fun. I'm not on a "DON'T BUY THIS GAME WAHWAHWAH" crusade. Though, some respect for other people's opinions would be good.
Vechernyaya 12 hours ago 
Definitive shut down of the servers.
Hibachi 12 hours ago 
So what kind of problems related to Denuvo could you have that are not detectable right away?
Hibachi 12 hours ago 
Well, pardon me for misunderstood your vague message.
XeidiDent 13 hours ago 
@Hibachi You clearly don't know to what problems I'm refering to. I'm not talking about performance or game launch issues as I never ever claimed that Denuvo causes this kind of issues.
Hibachi 13 hours ago 
"Also, the problems related to Denuvo can take well over than the 2 hours/weeks Steam limit to be granted a refund."
Irrelevant. You don't have to wait and see if the problems get fixed to get your refund.

Admitting you get issues related to Denuvo''s presence, you can always refund at launch and buy the game again later if it gets removed.
XeidiDent 13 hours ago 
Who are you to say whether people has any interest in buying a game or not? Where did he say that he had problems to launch the game? He was refering that he moved the game from his "buy in release" to his "buy in a sale" list.

Also, the problems related to Denuvo can take well over than the 2 hours/weeks Steam limit to be granted a refund.