Server settings changed and rolling restarts!

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zeppi1970 May 5 @ 12:35pm 
mi game isnt working as it should do, whant start after every batle gets stuck what can i do to solve this.Thanks.
Reebok Feb 26 @ 8:13pm 
can anyone add me and help me please? i dont know where did i go wrong... but the game wont start :( please guys i realy like this game and id very much like to play it. ty in advance
(^00^) orzorzorzorzorz Jan 11 @ 2:43pm 
Problem resolved with re-installation.
(^00^) orzorzorzorzorz Jan 11 @ 1:21pm 
NA user (I) did not see any server online, trying to reinstall it now but it probably wont help.
rigsby Jan 9 @ 3:49am 
A lot of the servers are now offline.... only 1 SE online for example, and that is now located in Moscow not Sweden....???
kruchenoff Jan 8 @ 9:52am 
I hope so...