Heavy Gear Assault

Heavy Gear Assault

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RaptorRage May 2 @ 3:30pm 
Considering UE4 is in continuous development it's unlikely there will be any reason to switch engines even in two years, especially if HGA ends up branching off with it's own unique codebase. Have to see if there is anything coming up in the engine that warrants another major change anyway, as that can take several months on its own just to implement an incremental engine upgrade.
Tourettesu May 1 @ 1:04pm 
I'm an early backer and need to see about getting my dues from e mail communication but much of that fault is on my end so far.

However, I have sampled the game through one of my associates. I think we know a few things that is holding back the title and in turn hindering the process.

We'll be attempting to communicate with the studio soon to give our laid out thoughts and hope not to be lost among the din of opinions that in turn seemed to have not been heard to further the project quite at pace hoped for.

The game needs to be significantly launch ready within the next 2 years to retain a driving community to ensure is safe continued existence before having to start over its game engine from scratch. This can be avoided still however. But it's going to take a particular drive into some categories to get players happy and driven.

Here's too hopes. It can be done. It just simply needs to be done while the doing is available.
vam Apr 27 @ 5:36pm 
Update: Looks like there was a mix up in timezones. Damn you Mountain time! We are going to reschedule and let everyone know! Sorry for the mix up!
ackstorm Apr 27 @ 5:09pm 
Nobody showed