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Star Crusade CCG

New "Oathbinder Kiri" card!

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PaulDeathBringer Aug 17 @ 1:34am 
thx awesome
Bulldozer Aug 9 @ 1:46am 
This card really needs the lore to go with it. Why is Kiri in fire? Why Kiri is holding a womans head?
scholar_dan Aug 7 @ 7:54pm 
@Bulldozer thanks for the comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one what felt that way. :) Yeah, I totally agree with you. I don't mind them borrowing ideas from fantasy, they subtley do this with some cards, this card is just more overt in its borrowing. As a result, it doesn't 'fit well' with the art from the rest of the collection, due to this change in tone.

My biggest issue is the decapitated head. I'm trying to get others to play the game, and it is hard to appeal to a broader audience when the artwork on cards can alienate potential players with unnecessary gore and brutality.

I hate to be the guy pointing these things out to the devs, but I love this game, and really want to see this game succeed. The artist is trying to convey the concept of death and/or the 'revenge' keyword. But there are other ways to convey that, without the decapitated head and blood. Card text can convey that. :)
Bulldozer Aug 6 @ 10:03pm 
@scholar_dan I had roughly same thoughts. Sci-fi can have fantasy elements though like zombies and so on. How ever I dont know how much you want to go down that lane as there is already HeartStone. The Sci-fi setting separates this game from HS and I think it is a good thing. Also I would say the artwork would be effective enough even without the blood spilling from what looks to be a womans decapitated head. Just thinking about family friendliness of the game... or has Kiri gone postal grabbing her own decapitated head?

Seems there are a lot of Mobile Base Ships in the background
scholar_dan Aug 6 @ 7:50pm 
I like the stats, the text, and the main idea for the card, but I don't like the artwork for it.

With the way this unit is depicted, it looks like it belongs in a fantasy game, rather than in a sci-fi game. The background looks busy for the card, and the flaming hair, flaming sword, skull kneepads, and the decapitation make me think of fantasy settings, rather than sci-fi.

It is also a big departure from how most units are shown in the game, where there are guns, knives, axes, and the occasional sword in the artwork, but nothing as fancy and attention-grabing as a big flaming sword, and the decapitated head of an enemy. It just seems overdone.

The art also distracts from the unit, since there is a sword and enemy head in hand, it is harder to imagine this kind of unit attacking a ship, since the art seems to emphasize melee prowess. :/
Lord Commissar Vex Aug 4 @ 10:09am 
you misspelled neutral