Blood and Gold: Caribbean!

Blood and Gold: Caribbean!

Blood & Gold plans and revision

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Kieran May 5 @ 6:17am 
There are enough "naval battle" games and I don't have a single one of them, since I'm interested in a pirate game where I play the captain, not the ship! If you strip the RPG parts from your new project, don't expect me to buy it.
Maver1ck1987 Apr 28 @ 5:53am 
Это конечно прекрасно, а в качестве компенсации скидок не предусмотрят случаем на "новый проект на новом движке"?
czrussell Apr 24 @ 8:51am 
What you call "lack of focus" was the primary thing that was interesting about this game. Count me in the group that has no interest in a naval battle game without the other elements included.
[R1D2]Kseniya Balalaika Apr 24 @ 8:46am 
Одно, Но! Ранее об этом подумать нельзя было? И ещё: "- Дальнейшее развитие игры на нынешнем движке не представляется возможным: добавление даже малой порции контента (например, одного нового корабля) приведет к полной неустойчивости приложения."
И вы следом добовляете новый контент на тему апокалипсиса.
YourStepDad Apr 22 @ 7:47am 
I appreciate the honesty. It was a very ambitious albeit tricky project, and even if the final result is underwhelming, it is still fairly impressive and fun in its own right.

This is why I would love it if you guys had updated WFAS as you have promised you would do if you had the time and resources(well, the old team did) because it *IS* a Mount & Blade game and it works so much better. I wish that it was further built upon instead of being built from the ground up like this.

Again, thank you for your honesty and your hard work. You've taken a herculean task and you handled it with dignity. Respect.
KingKilo Apr 20 @ 5:07am 
If you're making a new project on a new engine, try to implement all of the features this game has as well :), not just naval combat.
Mantayo Apr 19 @ 9:46am 
Dear Snowbird Games

When you say brand new project about naval battle possibly with Unreal 4 Engine, do you mean re-write the current title?

Or do you mean finish of this title and it will remain in my library as is. Then start a new project which I can choose to purchases or not, depending on the quality of the new projects, which will in turn depend on the skill of all the new staff?
Xylander Apr 14 @ 10:50pm 
I see this sort of thing at work all the time. All the new developers fresh out of college want to code in Python, Ruby, some JS... but if you tell them that the project they're maintaining is coded in C... oh boy. Same thing is a project is a Java based project and you try and put a .NET developer on it, or vis versa. Sure, one may be older than the other, but newer developers generally don't like to code in old languages. That's why in the defense industry, FORTRAN and Cobol programmers get paid up to a quarter million per year to code what, honestly, a new college grad could do if they spent some time learning that archaic, tedious, boring language. Same holds true for the M&B engine. It isn't as easy to maintain because you can't just use JS libraries and Googled code blocks for simple functions. Although the engine is simple, it's only simple if you coded it right the first time.
Data662 Apr 14 @ 5:39am 
No1 cares lol ^_^ and a BABABOOEY TO U N008
Theo Hardmeier Apr 13 @ 5:38pm 
Did you read this quote people?

- Too much of in-game content. The game takes up to 2.25 GB of RAM, which is too much for its stable work and can cause constant crashes on lower-end PCs.

I say thats a bad sign if thats what they believe...if crashing it an issue then attempt to optimize it.