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Release Date Revealed in New Q&A
We are pleased to finally announce that Stronghold 2: Steam Edition will be released on Steam as a free upgrade for existing owners of the game on October 5th 2017. Arriving in just under a month, the Steam Edition comes packed with new and exclusive features:
  • Steam Multiplayer
  • 6 New Maps
  • Workshop Support
  • Visual Enhancements
  • Achievements
  • Digital Art Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Steam Trading Cards

Steam Edition

As with last year's release of Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition, this new version of Stronghold 2 is designed to update and future-proof our first ever 3D Stronghold! Using Steam Workshop players can create and share custom maps with friends, recreating real-life castles, vast battlegrounds and iconic scenes from fantasy epics. With added Steam multiplayer support players can also besiege their friends online with up to eight players. As with Legends, this new edition of Stronghold 2 is being released a free update for existing owners on Steam.
Please Note - If you already own the Stronghold Collection on Steam you will be upgraded automatically to the new Steam Edition at launch at no extra cost. Once the game is available on Steam simply log in and let the client automatically update your existing digital copy of the game.

Stronghold 2

Tax, torture or treat your peasants! Rehabilitate criminals or sentence them to death? Decide as you joust over a lavish banquet, all while under siege from the warmongering Lord Barclay. Will you entertain with medieval tournaments or rule with an iron fist and dispense feudal justice to overworked and malnourished peasants?

Building on the sim gameplay of the original 'castle sim', Stronghold 2 allows players to rule as they please and still conquer each skirmish. Unhappy peasants turn to crime and must be punished, rival lords can raise entire armies on their title alone and sieges must be fought tooth and nail, with close combat taking place inside castle structures.
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