Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

Update: Coming 4/27 - Proteus II Map Redesign

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kelmizere May 3 @ 8:37am 
fait chier , j'ai perdu mes persos multi !!!!
decidement les jeux en devellopement , c naze !
utlam May 1 @ 9:54am 
Blueprints anyone? Seeds?
DaddyPoPo Apr 30 @ 3:25pm 
Pressurized wells for airlock are being removed when you log out. This is not from players destroying. I logged in and noticed panels were missing so I repaired them. Logged, came back and saw them missing again. I thought it was someone griefing but a friend of mine told me everytime we log off the game removes them. So dont go attacking players bases because you think they did it. lol.
dktauren1974 Apr 30 @ 8:11am 
Simple I just delete the save and play new one cause of redesign almost of all resource spot are changed the location so do the new exploring to find all new resources location... I found nice spot for temporary but still not find any gas geysers yet. So far I found abandoned colony pretty close same location as previous version, saw 4 lg solar panels and 2 lg satelitte dish.
DaddyPoPo Apr 29 @ 4:52pm 
"MenosBits 19 hours ago
With the last update I've just LOST ALL MY Structure, they are all under the floor."

Did you not read the notes on the other update post?

Single player games saved on your PC are incompatible and you have to start new.
MenosBits Apr 28 @ 9:29pm 
With the last update I've just LOST ALL MY Structure, they are all under the floor.
leebwatson Apr 28 @ 5:22pm 
i bought this game ages ago.....but waiting until it's finished before i play.....BUT gotta say, looks shit hot!
cooperftw Apr 27 @ 10:52pm 
Can confirm that multiplayer avatars are wiped whenever you leave a game, whether you save or not. Lucky I didn't make much progress before finding this out. Please fix.
(FTL) Dale Darland Apr 27 @ 10:37pm 
i gotta ask, when are we gonna be able to do advanced cooking? like a crab burger!!...

i am kidding, but a crab burger would be coo0l, PS thanks for the update, ima try it out now, FINALLY asomething to do other then, build,fight,mine
Azeyzel Apr 27 @ 6:57pm 
Finally the update is here :D