Wuppo is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! + Steam DLC 50% off

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Marten  [developer] Nov 14 @ 1:32am 
Thanks for the tip on the links! As for pricing, the CA PSN pricing was wrongly listed and it's edited now. For the differences between regions, it's not something we decide ourselves. The pricing is automatically determined by Sony's and Microsoft's systems.
-- Nov 10 @ 1:52pm 
If you remove "/en-us" from your Microsoft Store link then it'll redirect to whatever the user's local region is automatically.

If you remove "/nl-nl" from the PSN link it'll redirect to whatever region the website detects. The issue with that is on PSN different regions use different content IDs so using a EU cid and redirecting to an NA region store will give an error.

Auto-redirect Microsoft Store link. [www.microsoft.com]
Auto-redirect for EU region PSN [store.playstation.com]
Auto-redirect for NA region PSN [store.playstation.com]

Your pricing across regions is weird. CA and AU are best used here since both their $ are pretty close (CA$1=AU$1.03). Canadian PSN is CA$40 and Canadian MS Store is CA$25. Australian PSN is AU$25 and Australian MS Store is AU$30.
borsdy Nov 10 @ 5:29am 
Congrats and good luck on your console release