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[KING PIN] Patch Notes

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Robbie20 Jun 11, 2016 @ 6:23pm 
oh, new woodland house, very nice! :D Its a stuning house btw! Loving the new interface type style too (like wiv the friendslist) it defo fits in with the AU world imo and the travel system is defo useful too! As Trisha stated here also tho, the new sound effects wont work for some of us since the build where we tested out sound which permenantely turned it off :/ but none the less Awesome DevBlog :) and glad to be able to access AU on my main acc :D much appreciated :) p.s. Real nice welcome screen :)
TrishaBaby Jun 9, 2016 @ 6:13am 
YAYS! All the new features sound AWESOME!!!

I am able to acess this new build with this Steam account and don't get that "fatal error" after the opening screen like I did before, but there still isn't any sound ("Audio" settings still can't re-enable it since I've lost it in build as reported in this bug report ) so I won't be able to hear the new sound effects that were added to the Player Menu UI :(

I did see the new personalized welcome screen which is nice.

I'm currently checking out the Woodland House before I have to leave for work, but it looks beautiful! If only I could hear the sound effects that are in it though :( Hope they fix the no sound issue is fixed soon, but the new features are looking nice so far! :)