Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2

[1.0] Soft Launch - Release notes

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Geralt May 19 @ 9:48am 
Ok. Never mind. After updating i found it :).
Diarmuhnd May 19 @ 9:43am 
SEGA has been involved in so many flops ... and this is way early ...

i will wait to see if ES2 is ok before buying into it. *crosses fingers
Elaine May 19 @ 9:32am 
Wow this was an EARLY release. Earlier than i thought infact I have no doubt it's still filled with bugs.
Geralt May 19 @ 9:31am 
Can not find this Registry.xml or the endless legend 2 catalogue in users folder. Even tried to search for a Registry.xml
Chillboy May 19 @ 9:10am 
Put on sale naoh maayybee oink oink??
Filin May 19 @ 8:34am 
Make Horatio great again!
MonkInsane May 19 @ 7:14am 
@MINOS Most likely SEGA pushed them for early release. They shouldnt've brought a AAA-ish publisher on board. They always (Except fro CD Project RED) end up pushing for release before the game is actually ready.

Hopefully it gets sorted out soon.
Skarnor May 19 @ 6:40am 
@robomagon I waited to purchase as well. It certainly is disappointing but just means I wait to buy instead of getting it right away for me and my significant other. It's not uncommon for people to wait, and everyone's reasons are different.

Why did I wait? A couple reasons. I am currently working about 90 hours a week and didn't have time to dedicate to playing, finding bugs, participating in the forums, the other things I feel help an EA game and the reason I normally go early access. Also, I have really enjoyed all of Amplitude's games so far so it would be very tempting to just play a couple turns rather than get work in that I need to get done, so part of it was to resist temptation.

I figured to wait and get it just before release and treat myself to a Saturday day off. However, if the price is going to be full it is better just to work through the weekend and wait for a sale to pick it up for the family.
ReD-EyeD May 19 @ 6:22am 
Best comment in the section:

Known Issues translated: "Hey, I mean it's close enough- right?"
MINOS May 19 @ 6:12am 
And Tutorial also very bugged, can crash and stuck the Game...