F1 2016

F1 2016

Patch Notes - v1.7

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Carlos Jun 30 @ 8:26am 
it chashes everytime i try to practice... i can't play the career mode. all i can do is play in the race mode
Jey_jey_92 Jan 30 @ 1:15pm 
Bug report:
1. Blue Flag: no car go out of the Way!
2. Speed Round: a care comes out the Pit and dosn't go out of the Way!
3. FPS: My FPS are Crashing all 10 - 20 Minutes that i must to RESTART the Game! WTF Why?

all this bug's u can see on my Streaming. click here [www.twitch.tv]

Please Fix this problems!
De-M-oN Jan 29 @ 9:54am 
Perfectly fine playable on a 100% race. Also with a safety car. So at least my experience and of friends
Its just that the safety car comes out way too often.
The canadian problem is indeed strange :o Never happened to me :o

Thank you so much that you've fixed the Tyre Bug!
Kenibure Jan 29 @ 7:57am 
When are you going to fix the bugs? It is a shame! A expensive game, full of bugs.

This game IS NOT playable.

-Spanish GP: IA overtakes behind yellow flag, when I retake position, I get penalized.
-Canadian GP: When I go to box, lap does´nt count, I get lapped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VJr7EuxnqQ
-Austrian GP: SC goes out, it says (at the time), I am too far of the car in front me. I run as on qualyfing lap. I get penalized after 30 secs for to be too much away.

For to play it on 3 laps race, maybe it be good. For 100% race, it is NOT playable. Fix it, please.
Douit_59 [FR] Jan 28 @ 7:32am 
my game crash everytime when i want to do free practice et qualify . So I can't do the carreer mode and the championship . I can just play in the race mode . please make something .
De-M-oN Jan 25 @ 11:34am 
Its a bit of disappointment, that you've never fixed the tyre wear bug :(
HMS Bottom Gear Jan 23 @ 7:49pm 
The thing they really need to fix is blue flagged car.......get out of my way!! rediculious.....this is rediculious...blue flag come on blue flag.......(vettel voice)
Cario159 Jan 23 @ 6:19am 
vole nejde pustit Silverstone
Jagerman Jan 17 @ 6:49am 
Anyone finding extra graphic card usage? And fps drops
siebelink Jan 16 @ 7:50am 
Do you know that bug: When you finished a saison in the carrer mode and you don´t get a contract offer?