Civilization IV Steamworks update released

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Tux 9 hours ago 
Now it's time to add GNU/Linux support.
lybra Jul 20 @ 6:33am 
I did read but it doesnt say you will get the update but just a hope so i didnt believe it. I wrote my post before i tried though. Now when i got free key for civ4 i can confirm 2KSupport is fast and trustworthy. Only hard thing left to do is to install those GB of civ again. I hope it will work then.
Nemesis666 Jul 19 @ 10:15am 
or u just read:
The patch that replaces GameSpy with Steamworks for multiplayer functionality is now available via Steam. The game functions identically to the previous GameSpy version with the exception that the “Direct IP” option has been removed as it is no longer supported. Save game data should not be negatively affected. If you own a physical disc version of Civilization IV and are interested in receiving this multiplayer update, please submit a support request.
lybra Jul 19 @ 12:25am 
So far i see that to play civ4 multiplayer i need to buy this game second time (first on dvd, now on steam). Am i wrong ?
jpburro3 Jul 17 @ 9:00pm 
What happened to being able to play over the internet on the retail version of Civ 4? I see now that Gamespy shut down on May 31 but my friends and i have certainly been able to play it up until now, which now it wont let us log in. After doing some research it says you can get a patch to allow the retail version on steam but there is no simple way doing that it seems...
TwistedxWayz Jul 11 @ 10:36am 
actually its gamespys fault since gamespy decided to shut down all their servers
jthoagland76 Jul 5 @ 10:21pm 
this is all good and fine but but No beyond the sword? I just DL'd it from Amazon and nothing. Now I buying 20 dollars more of game I already have. !! Booooo I'd satill like my 50 back for that pos civ5.
Deathstroke Jul 3 @ 2:07am 
It's not Steam's fault you flock of foolish geese. It's 2K/Firaxis' fault. Not Valve's.
bman001001 Jul 2 @ 1:58pm 
dear idiots on steam wanting direct ip please note that by having direct ip your breaking steams tos lol