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Season 16 Announcement, new equipments!

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petrufq May 20 @ 4:12am 
When you hit the event with 30% of a item ? tell me ,pls

1996Nissan May 19 @ 10:35am 
new game mode idea (funny): cells are able to split in a huge amount of little cells (split unlimited) until the cells are very small (maybe 100 mass each cell)
petrufq May 15 @ 11:19am is rip . . . . ,bcs the teams on the ffa or the tournaments are very big and in some places is also the target # rip mitosis ;*(
Haxt3r @ ON YouTube May 8 @ 1:50am 
#FixMitosis #GiveMeYouTuberTag #FFATeams #MitosisIsDie Staff May 5 @ 6:55am 
@likewallbang!, we are testing some changes to eliminate teams in ffa tournaments without admins, soon this will be working.
❤SUMMER❤ May 5 @ 6:35am 
miss mitosis
❤SUMMER❤ May 5 @ 6:35am 
ye me to
likewallbang! May 4 @ 1:14pm Staff Can you put an admin on FFA tournaments and look like with zoom out too all players .. Some players like : TYTMauricio , Ivan ,NeoxIsDaOne , etc are teaming everytime so please , take care of that if you wanna be a better game :) Staff May 4 @ 7:44am 
@likewallbang!, we're testing some changes to eliminate teams in solo tournaments.
shaemeale17 May 4 @ 12:36am