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Greetings, Citizens of Sunrise City!

Christmas is coming and we are happy to introduce our traditional events for all CrimeCraft players.

[ A. Christmas Custom Clothing ]

All items on the Black Market will get additional -30% discount and Santa Custom Clothing will available for purchase.
Do not miss your chance to purchase items for a special price!

Event starts: December 19 (already started).
Event ends: December 29, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).

[ B. The Snow Brawl Event ]

All players can have fun and play our traditional Snow Brawl matches.
To join a match please click on the Events tab in the Battle menu and select the “Snow Brawl” game type.

Get the most total score in Snow Brawl scoreboard during the event to get a prize!
  • Top player will receive 15 Enhancement Card: Upgrade!
  • Top 3 players will be rewarded with Santa outfit and 7 days of Premium subscription!
  • Top 5 players will be rewarded with a special title!
  • Top 10 players will be rewarded with 15 Protection Card: Downgrade and 15 Protection Card: Destroy!
  • Top 15 players will be rewarded with 15 Essences of Vigor, 15 Essences of Ego and 15 Essences of Pack!

Event starts: December 22, 01:00 CET (December 21, 07:00 PM EST).
Event ends: December 29, 00:59 CET (December 28, 06:59 PM EST).


  1. Sollux - 53811
  2. ReSspecTOZzzA - 30960
  3. RAAWWWRRRR - 14390
  4. GOreOrgasm - 11712
  5. Blameless - 10810
  6. MissBAPBAPA - 10536
  7. MetaWorldPeace - 10228
  8. Syvar - 10022
  9. PeiPeiLee - 9181
  10. stepko - 8689
  11. GolDBoSS - 8469
  12. SWET - 8357
  13. DrZlyka - 7874
  14. Raicha - 7855
  15. Bazil - 7070

[ C. The Screenshot Contest ]

We want to reward players who follow the style of Santa, so we announce a style contest!
To participate in this contest players have to make a screenshot in a Snow Brawl match which shows a Snow Brawl action around OR screenshot which shows your character in a Santa clothing of your favorite color dancing with other characters who also wear Santa clothing.


  1. Post should contain name of a character and a screenshot.
  2. Every account is limited to sharing only ONE SCREENSHOT of each category. This means even if you have 17 characters on one account, only ONE screen shot may be entered.
  3. The following must be clearly visible on the screenshot:
    • name of your game character;
    • all the details of the costume - shoes, pants, shirt and hat.

Every participant who follows the rules will receive A Deck of Primary Tarot Cards.
Three of the best costumes (will be selected by administration) will receive:
  • 15 Protection Card: Destroy;
  • 15 Protection Card: Downgrade;
  • 15 Tarot Card: Rain;
  • 15 Tarot Card: Ice;
  • 15 Tarot Card: Snow.

Event starts: December 19 (already started).
Event ends: December 29, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).


3 best screenhsots of Santa Style:

3 best screenhsots of Snow Brawl action:

[ D. Daily Gifts ]

During the event all players who log in the game will recieve Daily Gift! The more days in a row you log in the game the better reward you get!

Be advised that:
  • you can have only 1 Daily Gift per account, so choose wisely, all rewards binds on pick up;
  • if you won't take Daily Gift on one day, then on next this Gift won't be available.

Event starts: December 29, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).
Event ends: January 12, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).

[ E. Bonus rates ]

Starting from December 29 all players can enjoy 2 weeks of additional Bonus Rates:
  • cash;
  • experience;
  • loot drop chance;
  • tournament rewards.

Event starts: December 29, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).
Event ends: January 12, 09:00 CET (03:00 AM EST).

See you in Sunrise City!
Thank you.
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