Killers and Thieves

Killers and Thieves

Killers and Thieves Build Notes - June 14, 2017

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capnmofo1 Oct 11 @ 12:59pm 
All Thieves you take on heists that come out of the sewer should get a little experience. Just because they didn't grab any loot doesnt mean they weren't vital as look outs and my knife fighters waiting on point to bail me out. Just a little experience for the support guys
Konjiki Aug 22 @ 7:06pm 
What about achievements?
bLaCKidoF Aug 7 @ 1:34am 
why i cant play this game ,
Poncho Jul 30 @ 8:35am 
tompuce84 Jul 30 @ 4:11am 
Moreover, in the end I'm just never pausing; just juggle beween my guys on the fly. And frankly if you're stealthy enough, you can get gtreat results that way ^^.

But then it begs the question, why push the pause mechanic at all during tutorial, and making us believe that we have the ability to issue commands "à la FTL" while it's not possible.

Anyway, one thing is for certain, I don't get people who play 1 hour and just leave. I am positively hooked and I really hope to see great things happen with this game.

Good god damn job team, your game is clotch, at least to me!
tompuce84 Jul 30 @ 4:08am 
God this game is receiving a lot of shit. I just want to put my thoughts out there and this is as good place as any.

I don't either completely agree or disagree with keylocke, but what he said makes sense. It is true that character cosmetic custumization would be a huge plus.

A HUGE HUGE plus imo :D

How ever controling several thieves at the same time, not so sure. I mean, for starters, it is possible to do A LOT with only 1 basic thief with a high enough stealth stat.

However being able to give order during pause could be a game changer for the best or for the worst imo. It worked great in Shadow Tactics (in which you can control several ninjas at the same time AND issue commands while paused), but this is not shadow tactics, and this is a very heavy game design decision. If the devs want to go that way sure, but I don't feel like it's a community call.

keylocke Jun 24 @ 7:11am 
i'm very interested in this game. i've watch most of the vids and let's plays and i agree with some of their suggestions.

-players should be able to issue commands during pause.
-players should be able to control multiple units at the same time. (like an RTS)

also, i'm not sure if i recall correctly. but i can't remember if males and female have the same character graphics. (there should be more customization options for this. ie : several versions of the outfits for male/female, with color swap options. unique/main characters should probably have their own unique outfit, especially candle.)

right now it feels more like an EA, so..
SneakyGunz Jun 21 @ 10:41am 
Any chance for Steam workshop?
SneakyGunz Jun 21 @ 10:33am 
Like Dim2314 said, please add the ability to give commands while paused. Pretty please!
Dim2314 Jun 16 @ 8:53am 
I'm pretty sure that it would make the game much more manageable to be able to pause and give orders to your thieves. That would fix a large margin of problems I think.