0.97 Hotfix

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D3D4NKEST Jul 9 @ 6:47pm 
really this update doesnt work for my computer
ZeroTheAbyssLord Mar 19 @ 1:58pm 
another edit to the below: was chilling in my 100% metal base and some one shot me through the metal kinda unfair
ZeroTheAbyssLord Mar 19 @ 12:13am 
also an edit to my earlier post i got a few other people in my server that have had it happen to them i took screenshots so those will be on my steam and i can send them if needed
ZeroTheAbyssLord Mar 18 @ 11:30pm 
hey just wondering if you guys were alerted to the bug/ (maybe hackers?) when i Dc'ed in my home full on food and water and health i r entered the world and had lost all my inventory. then i dc'ed again 2-5 minutes later and it had happened again all items gone and it said i had to respawn
menestinsh22 Mar 17 @ 6:15am 
please fix god damm Workbench dissapearing issue !!! its sooooooo annoying !!!
TøbiSєvєи™ Mar 15 @ 4:09pm 
Hello, I'm fine. I am the owner of the Confidence Nomad server and I come here to give some very interesting tips for your Nomad game that can grow your game more and more, many tips were told by my players. In the next Update, add if possible: "Map New = Greater than the default, System of accumulation of items without inventory, like packages, and a means of locomotion that respawn in the map"
Thanatos Mar 15 @ 3:49am 
Add Hotbar!
Dova Wulf Mar 13 @ 11:55am 
some times when you load back into a game you base has random missing walls, floors, doors, roofs. its really annoying taking the time to fix it when the next time you log on it happens all over again
Noel Mar 13 @ 10:30am 
a free to play game like rust !
and unturned somehow
Noel Mar 13 @ 10:28am 
add a hotbar and dis game is unturned and Rust :D