0.98.1 Patch Notes

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bedlam Jul 17 @ 5:42pm 
the undead return, nice one devs
TheRussianCheesecake Jul 15 @ 10:54pm 
it is not coming back because the studio sucks

thank you
ZackAttack Jul 15 @ 10:08pm 
please and thank you!!
Cloakee6 Jul 11 @ 4:21am 
Please bring zombies back, oh and make the map larger
TheRussianCheesecake Jul 10 @ 3:44am 
so zombies probs arent gonna come back because this game is now probably an abandond project this is why it hasnt been updated since april dispite everyone wanting zombies back . its that or Diminished studios are just crap. and i agree with Denis... no one likes a baby gun

im not even gonna say bring back zombies because diminished has turned into a studio who does not listen to there fans

thank you (i would also recomend unturned to people who liked this game since there is no ping kick and more of a community, and oh yeah they also update their game)
Hellsing Jul 10 @ 2:13am 
zombies pls
Mavrox556e Jul 9 @ 11:24am 
Need zombies Decerto!
Denis Jul 6 @ 2:28am 
As a big minus to the re-designed sights of sniper rifles. What a child's sight from a plastic gun. Please return as before, a black screen around the optics, with horizontal lines of distance to the target.
Denis Jul 6 @ 2:26am 
For a long time did not play, here I missed to go, let me think I'll see what's interesting. And what he saw, nothing but grief. Why did they remove the zombies, without them boring and the world is empty, return the zombies. I would have added them to the forest and the desert, so that traveling around the world would be more fun, cutting off everyone's heads along the way.
drewsears Jul 5 @ 7:11pm 
update the damn zombies back in, wtf is wrong with you?