0.98.1 Patch Notes

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Flying Spaghetti Monster May 27 @ 11:19am 
Why would you remove Zombies? That's one of the best parts of games like this one. I'd suggest adding them back.
mini_syndicate May 26 @ 4:10am 
i want zombies
huntingcubes978 May 25 @ 3:58pm 
guys unturned has zombies come play that this game blows now
Byff May 22 @ 7:26pm 
can u drive??
kajikimusha1 May 20 @ 1:54pm 
I'm gonna start playing this game very soon.Would love to try it with the zombies.having played 7 Days To Die,Dying Light,and both the Dead Island games I'm ready for more zombie action.Outta curiousity:Did the zombies drop anything like in the games I mentioned?
Darknessix ( Logan ) May 19 @ 2:06am 
add singleplayer
☭ Sam The Communist ☭ May 16 @ 4:47pm 
yeah add zombies back and vechicles would be cool also a single player
matusiek May 16 @ 12:50pm 
And add vehicles.
matusiek May 16 @ 12:49pm 
Pls add zombies!! ZOMBIE IS VERY COOL!!!
huntingcubes978 May 16 @ 11:18am 
addd heards of zombies in places that be cool :P