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K&A Foundry 23 hours ago 
im still in support it could be a grate game it just needs a bit of love and time plus im also still a supporter of stn the game thats been in developemtn for like 5 years
BianGO May 22 @ 12:35am 
Ionstorm May 21 @ 12:17pm 
Better release something new come 31st of may, or this is The Stomping Ground 2.0
0nion_man_LV May 9 @ 9:35am 
Thanks for letting us know that you are still working on it!
Little list of stuff i'd like to change or be added:
*More veichles
*More map kinds, like bigger islands which allow for island base building AND maybe ground veichles if the islands will be big enough.
*Balanced weapons cause now if one player gets any weapon, the person is boss over whole server.
*Little easier resource gathering, feels little too hard for new players.

Thanks! Good luck making game better!
Andrew102 May 8 @ 4:59pm 
Hello @Neist nice to see the update is coming soon. I am trying to tell all my friends to buy the game because it will be so cool without cheaters and the new UI. I like Reign of Kings but they had the same issue as this game everything was coded client side so people can go in god mode and everything and cause so much damage and the Devs don't want to fix it. I am so happy you actually fixed the problem because most Devs don't if there is a big issue like that, before this update I could not recommend the game because the probability of encountering a serious hacker was so high, now they can only use ESP or what ever no big deal really. They should get banned by EAC as well after awhile. Also what advertising are you probably going to do? I hope you don't spend any money on it because you could use it on doing other things or getting a bigger Team, but it is up to you. Kind regards, Andrew. PS. This game has so much potential because it is the only multiplayer water Survival game.
K1_CriticalGamer May 8 @ 2:42pm 
boys this game not woth it that my opinion thx and byby love ya all
Neist May 7 @ 10:04am 
Thanks again guys :)

I wanted to tell you that the update is planned for May 31!

I will post a proper announce on Steam in the next few days but I already shared this information on Trello, Twitter and Facebook. So don't worry @CRIMSON, the wait is almost over ^^
A big discount during a week and advertising are coming with it to bring back population on the servers. I must say that the game hasn't changed much regarding the pure "gameplay" aspect, just as I said in this announcement, but many other things have changed, and most of all: the cheaters will be out. Only little and harmless hacks will probably remain, but nothing like a guy killing everybody on a server by the simple press of a button, if you know what I mean.
Beside that, I have decided to release an update the last day of every month after this one. And if I can find and afford a team it will be drastically easier to create new stuff and not simply fixe issues alone all day.
CRIMSON CHIN May 5 @ 10:59am 
still nothing
GrungierTag29 Apr 29 @ 5:05pm 
Keep up the good work , we still have faith in you <:
UZAy Apr 28 @ 11:37pm 
best game