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Hide & Hold Out - H2o

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Kalhoun 10 hours ago 
Sorry about that, yeah got a little carried away. Behaving now =P
Keep it up Neist, anxiously awaiting the new content and updates to H2O!!!
Mr. Bean ✅ 12 hours ago 
@Neist on the facebook page it sounded like you said you have a team already. How many other people do you have now? Also are they from France too? I would be happy if you had a team because it should speed up development a lot.
Neist Mar 22 @ 6:03am 
Thank you again for all the good vibes and encouraging comments :) and even for the bad ones, I know that it's long, like I said..

Also, please try to stay nice with each others, even if it is to protect me (@Kalhoun ^^), it's very noble of you, but I prefer to stay positive and to keep the wrath as far as possible from my thoughts. :)

Anyway! I wanted to tell you that I just posted a little news on the facebook page of H2o to keep you informed.

I will probably come back later today to answer your pending questions here. ;)
Have a good day guys :)
F0RGIV3N Spad3 Mar 21 @ 2:00pm 
Keep up the work! Have followed this game since the beginning and love the potential for this game and look forward to seeing where it leads.
Mr.Miller Mar 20 @ 4:29am 
Здорово что проект не брошен, дерзай, твори, добивайся !!!
The Trashman Mar 19 @ 10:56pm 
@Manwich are you saying that the people making rust shouldnt have sold it?
Manwich Mar 19 @ 12:41pm 
Dont' sell people games that need code completely rewritten.
Kalhoun Mar 13 @ 9:47pm 
Yeah sorry usually do not try to feed the trolls but had to put them in their place. They have no idea what goes in in the real world obviously and do not read posts carefully just got slightly frustrated. I have so much passion towards this game! The concept is fantastic! The ideas behind it are fantastic! Any glitches or issues I come across I will gladly forward on any info I find to help get the game where Neist and the rest of us are dreaming it to be!
Owen153 Mar 13 @ 8:17pm 
Thanks @Kalhoun for stepping in. We tend towards the 'don't feed the trolls policy' but it's great to see some passion and at the same level as all the support team behind the scenes. We have some testers and support people giving various amounts of their time freely in order to support H2o and Neist as he works towards the next phase of the game.
Kalhoun Mar 13 @ 6:22pm 
So if you ddon't have anything creative or uplifting to post here then piss off and dont waste any of our time.
Go bug your parents or something maybe they will wanna hear your bitching and trolling because the loyal crowd to this game sure as hell dont wanna listen to your idiocy.

@Neist just ignore these few pecker heads they are not worth your time, you have a great fanbase sitting and waiting loyally for you to put out a fanatstic game, take your time and do it how you wanna do it!
Again great work and keep it up!