Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

A New Waaagh!

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[VSG] Lieutenant O'malley Apr 24 @ 2:41pm 
EC-SKQ5C1HPZK24Y gets you 4000 founder points
GH4UNT Apr 24 @ 8:03am 
Katz Apr 23 @ 11:26am 
I feel Curselove has no idea what they're saying. Orks are really tough and brutal. Their guns are strong, and rather accurate. The eldar are squishy, but have fairly accurate guns with high rate of fire. Both sides are strong. But do you know what Eldar hate fighting? Orks.
curselove Apr 22 @ 7:31pm 
OK 1st off ORKS ARE NOT OP Eldar are so fcking broken that u cant win a fight agenst them and if u win agenst Eldar its by some kind of luck Eldar can fly and shot at the same time wich hurts like hell there healer can have a really really big sword to top it off they can turn invi on you so yes Eldar are so Broken 2. ORKS HAV SHITTY GUN ALL THERE GUN IS SO INACCURATE the SHOTA DAKKA recoil is crazy that is why when an ork is shoting u from a far u will most likey not die even from up close u still wont die why cause ok its recoile that is why SPACE COWARD AND, WARP LOSER HAVE MORE ACCURATE GUN THAN ORKS there gun is so fcking accurate that they can hit you 200m away orks dont have sniper gun they have roket but the flight path is so random that it will 95% never hit its target the only thing it will hit are its team if u want to fell like a WINNER PLAY THE BROKEN ELDAR U WILL WIN EVERY MATCH OR UNISTALL THE GAME AND STOP CRYING
Ispalin Apr 22 @ 11:56am 
Peasant Apr 22 @ 9:59am 
I'm loving the Waaagh. Orks is made for fightin and winnin.
Don Piano Apr 22 @ 9:21am 
Due to much crying and whining from this community about Orks, please remove Ork from the game. That would really be nice to ease the butthurt.
Dragun16 Apr 19 @ 8:58pm 
There is so much toxicity(so here is some more for the fanboys) i cant get past the second page, apperntly the game is bad we get it already, stop talking about it and let your wallets do the talking..... or rather the NOT talking part.

I didnt buy into this game like some fanboys here, the lesson to be learned is DONT PREE ORDER A GAME LIKE THIS MADE BY PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH FPS/TPS/Shooters..... do your reserch before you complain that its not what you hoped it would be.

God knowes i wanted this game, but i didnt get it cause my faction the Tau is never going to be releaced, AND EVEN if it was..... game table top rules in a video game Shooter cant end well.... oh wait more proof that GamesWorkshop cant sell there game for shit, like SpaceHulk deathwing.....DOA much?
Unknown... Apr 19 @ 8:49am 
I am probably in either a minority or silent majority. I feel the game is actually quite well balanced with each having a better weapon set than the other. I found dire avengers incredible, lootas suitably explosive, and space marine bolters are useful depending on how they're deployed.

As for the campaign, not quite sure how you intend to work it devs, but I'm all for a faction-rotation to give everyone their own attempts to conquer the map. For everyone saying hand it to Sega, would you really enjoy buying an early-access game for £40 ($60ish?) to have only two factions and the other twenty as £20 ($30ish?) dlc each?

Keep up the work devs, but please make sure you play your game and keep it balanced!
bahamutzero Apr 19 @ 8:48am 
Simel Statistik IF THER IS A BALACED game you can not wine 99% of the Battelfiald!
If it balced to 50/50 the Good player will reture to threre owne faction, but it is so ovius that this team of Idiot can not do so simpel maths. If sash an event is runig the Maximas win of the Planed is 75% everything els shows onle how op 1 Faction is and the Eldar are gay underpowred to the crys of the forum. now thay nerved the eldr 3 times and thay are NO ELDAR and with this gay Team of Dickles Suckers thay Eldar will never be fixed! Thay maid tham eldarlooking but it is ovius the lousy Imperial ARMY and not the Fast, Killing Mashins that make Terminator Cry!