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Jaxx Feb 19 @ 4:28am 
ozzy281078 ... the biggest SGW 3 Multiplayer hacker!
He has no other steam name. I wonder... and thought to myself: What if some of the cheaters are no private persons but hired persons... hired to sabotage SGW Multiplayer. I do not wanna accuse somebody, but there is kind of business rivalry between the SGW guys and the devs from Sniper Elite, right?! And there are Sniper Elite fanboys too! There is kind of rivalry! And the big question among many sniper game fans is: Which is the better sniper game?! So I wonder: Cheaters like ozzy281075... just little anti-social sadistic party pooper idiots without sniper skills? OR are they more... I mean ozzy is online very often, and it seems to me he is just in Multiplayer to destroy the whole game / whole fun.
Jaxx Feb 19 @ 4:27am 
Other cheaters still use their sniper rifle and scope to kill, if possible. But he use speedhack and mines all the time, he does not play as sniper at all. He is satisfied when people are upset and when they leave Multiplayer. It's like ozzy is on a sabotage mission. So i wonder: Is he just 1 private sadistic person (What a pity his steam profile is private so we can not see if he plays other games too!) or is he sabotaging SGW Multiplayer by order?! Could it be possible? Yes, sure!
WHO profits most, if SGW Multiplayer will fail? Sniper Elite Games and their fanboys?! SGW is the biggest and only real competition rival of Sniper Elite Games. I am just asking! However and PLEASE: CI Games should call Steam and report him! He should be banned forever!
Jaxx Feb 19 @ 4:27am 
Will I lose my Multiplayer Level, if I delete game, and download it again later?
Since CI Games is not capable of fixing bugs and helping us with cheater issue, i guess i will stop playing SGW 2 and 3 Multiplayer. Maybe i will play again someday later, i am not sure yet. We even can not join our steam friends game (the same map / sever) or invite them to play via steam. So many people are upset and angry. After loosing save files or / and mp level and other bad issues, (also bad things like no server browser etcetera) and now cheaters and hackers... Dear CIG you should say SORRY and you should give us few goodies for free!
DEAMON Feb 11 @ 1:09am 
Pitty they still hacking and cheating
BosCo24 Feb 9 @ 10:29am 
post précédent : bouton 4&5 souris ne se gardaient pas à la fermeture du jeu, apparament après 1.8, résolu!
par contre tjrs pas de commande pour le couteau!!!? ou, alors à quel niveau?
pourtant , j'ai vu un Nv3 me cutter!?

BRAVO CI ne lacher rien, le Mod assistance (rond rouge) & hardcore, au choix, ds SGW2 sont très bien.......
Дядя Вова Feb 9 @ 2:06am 
Игрой полностью доволен,вопрос только синхронизацией игры обновлений
Jaxx Feb 9 @ 12:50am 
again, thanks to chpke!:
"Ozzy281078 again

Here he is again on another map. Using speed and unlimited ammo. At different times he would toss 3-6 frags at a time. He is a loser."

So i guess the biggest Multiplayer update is: Multiplayer is almost (let's say) unplayable and no fun at all because of the unsolved cheater issue. SAD :steamsad:
Jaxx Feb 6 @ 6:03pm 
Speed hack.

Video proof made by my steam friend chpke:
Huge thank you to chpke!
Evil_Raptor Feb 6 @ 4:15pm 
Anyone else lose all their campaign progress after the update?
Jaxx Feb 5 @ 4:14am 
Dear CI Games, will you do something about the Cheater Issue? Please. (I guess otherwise your great game will die soon...)