Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Happy Holloween! The Grimm Troupe has Arrived!

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Ryner 6 hours ago 
So,how can I get into the new map?
smile13241324 Nov 18 @ 8:41am 
Fantastic :)
Best Dev
DANgo0_0 Nov 13 @ 7:02am 
Thanka for free dlc
Theultrak Nov 13 @ 4:59am 
Doc was absolutely free???? Omg I love you guys so much
#小渊 Nov 10 @ 7:22pm 
a goddamned bear Nov 10 @ 6:59pm 
excuse me i seem to have received this dlc without paying for it how do i give you more money
Lipe Nov 9 @ 8:18pm 
Bug fix :O texto da tradução para português brasileiro tem um bug, onde a vidente te manda voltar com 1300 almas, na verdade são 1500.
BlakeThePanda Nov 6 @ 9:52pm 
Just a couple of bugs (no one's made that joke before...) I've encountered after downloading the latest update for mac.

-Gathering swarm negates the collection of geo from geo desposits and sometimes from killed enemeies

-Fake item chest before the Baldur Shell charm doesn't register player hits and cannot open as a result

-Lifeseeds inconsistently don't register player hits
Natsuhi Nov 6 @ 6:14am 
Thanks! I love this game.